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Who we are

Nattra Cosmetics is a new and hot cosmetics line created to  cater for the cosmetics industry in West Africa. The industry is a growing industry and we're here to contribute to the growth and take the beauty industry to a greater height. Our line is tailored to serve women of color with varying skin tones. Our products include face primer, foundation, concealer, pressed powder, eye shadow, lipstick, lip-gloss, eye liner, lip liner, makeup saver setting mist etc.




Our mission is to empower women of all ages and bring beauty to its peak. We strive to educate women about the importance of beauty and how it contributes to high self esteem. Ultimately our goal is to provide high quality and affordable color cosmetics.

Nattra Cosmetics products are for colored women of all shapes, sizes, age and profession. Our products are available in the United States, Nigeria and Ghana and we plan on expanding to other countries as well. We assure you a great experience with our products. Thanks for your patronage.

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